Consumers are aware of an idea of ​​artificial intelligence (AI) that marries marriages: What happens if a robot takes over the world? Who told me? Who is listening to my password conversation? But now consumers have begun to adopt new technologies in personal and business life.

It also makes companies interested in technology, which is why the company has exceeded AI’s investment investment since 2013, according to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company.

In fact, AI has the potential to correctly transform the way companies do business; and due to technological developments, another company, in 2019, will be able to access and implement a renewed life technology. Currently, companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google point to the road.

Therefore, given the desired future prospects for technology, see the four trends of AI to see in 2019.

Another AI assistant continues

Consumers have the advantage of having an artificial intelligence assistant in their homes for some time with the introduction of Apple Series, Alexa Amazon and other devices. You can have an AI dog play songs, give you the weather, find information online, turn off the lighting in the house and more.

Consumers have overcome the new artificial intelligence technology. In fact, in the Adobe Analytics study, 71 percent of the owners have a smart advertisement of their use at least one day, while 44 percent declared their daily number of days. Then, in 2019, we hope to look for more artificial intelligence assistants at home, at work and in other areas of your life.

At present, what consumers consume for AI assistants is quite basic, such as searching and playing a particular song. But expect to see big changes in the tasks that the AI ​​assistant can do in the future. The AI ​​assistant will be able to provide a more individual experience than the best to identify the different voices of the users.

Instead of just talking about your artificial intelligence or your mobile device, I tell you that you can talk with cars, televisions, refrigerators and even lights.

The device recruited AI.

According to the Even surveys, 42 percent of the surveyed employers were worried about not finding the required talent. For many companies, the recruitment process is one of the most fun and enjoyable tasks, but with advances in artificial intelligence, the AI ​​recruitment tool will become a recruiting style to watch in 2019.

For example, Mya, which means “My recruiting assistant,” is a chatbot recruitment assistant. You can communicate with prospective via Skype, email or text. You can choose a candidate for you and even reject a candidate if you choose to send the application.

Along with the evaluation of the AI ​​and the candidate communication system, some of the emerging intelligence tools that will help employers save more time and find candidates they need next year.

Enhanced search for AI

Because users will soon start using AI assistants in new and more frequent ways, advanced programming based on AI will be larger. With the introduction of voice search, the way consumers search online has changed.

Instead of writing search queries like “Dallas condo for sale,” consumers will be able to say search queries using more phrases, such as “What is the condition that Dallas can sell for $ 150,000?”In other words, the user who answers the question will be more advanced.

Continuing with the example of the condominium, the AI ​​search engine will do more than just provide the user with a list number; They also receive other conversational responses. Search engines can hide questions by providing more detailed solutions when asking, for example:

The user will be able to face the solution and obtain the exact search results available. Since consumers change their appearance, the quality of the desired results will be changed, as well as the release of AI to stay updated.

Chatbots and best virtual chats.

Chatbots has improved customer service for businesses of all kinds in recent years; You can send pizza through Facebook chatbox now. In 2019, why are chatbots getting more advanced and human than ever? With the


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