My wells are like children whose parents work for themselves: they themselves can work.

My dad, roofer and contractor, are always working on projects, starting new ones, trying to get more customers. When I learned the ropes – how to install the flashing and metal fringe issue, provided for the code – I completed five great lessons that helped me build a technology company.

Do the wrong thing, though.

My dad still likes to say this. He’s not, of course, that you have to do something to know it’s wrong (that’s just dumb). Fear or inertia often paralyzes us into inaction, but as often – and compared to just getting wrong – nothing is more of a greater sin.

We need to learn by doing and, sometimes, from our mistakes. In this software, this is all happening – you can proceed endlessly but why? Post a polite version and learn from the feedback of the user to reach perfection.

In Broadly, we allow small business customers the choice to make a website up for them. It’s really hard to get the content we need for the “About Us” section of them. Almost 100 percent of the time, we can not go back.

So we started printing bio quickly for them and now we have a response rate of almost 100 percent. It turns out that although the first draft was not perfect, it was a perfect start for the majority of customers.

“Stick and hold.”

You can always advance, in any project. With my dad, the speed is always the key. You want to get the right but not to be perfect as a good enemy.

Good contractors understand fault tolerance. When you are doing internal framing, there is no problem when you die eight or even half inches in a certain place. Because it does not make the integrity of the building, it does not need to slowly, with a patient of about eight inches. Stick and hold.

Here we emphasize quality but the problem is very fast. There is a point in software and building a perfect home. But there are those who try to clean some of the editing features without any substance – but it will slow you down. This trick knows the difference.The Signs of Your Perfectionism Are Control

When the computer is a “confuser.”

My father was still not comfortable with the computer – he called “forgiven” – and he was not alone. That’s something technologists tend to forget. We believe that everybody can find a variety of technologies and bind our world.

But in my work, local businesses that we are good at are not very excited to handle software and do not take care of the complexity. They are not impressed with some unused widgets that take hours to make.

They just want to get involved.

If more confused users help, it’s a bad tool. It is not the user to learn – you have to solve it. Early adopters may love the challenges and nuances of the latest games but the average consumer only wants to work at a minimum. So it can happen.

Social declaration.

When I worked with my father, I saw very clearly and social evidence was really important to people. When my father started a business, a friend named Roy suggested sales. Roy is an absolute genius to help my father receive new customers. They will be bought, but, of course, some new companies that have never heard of us. That’s when Roy will say.

“Is it Yellow Pages?” She asked. “How big are those ads? What insurance do they bring? Are they licensed? You know, if they are not in Yellow Pages, they are not here in the city .You have a reference?” She tells all those elements, as a clear signal that the customer can not be trusted with the competitor.

It’s what gives an idea to integrate an online review into our products. In digital age, this feedback on Yelp, Google, Facebook and Next Door are word of mouth, social proof, which helps consumers determine a credible business.

 Enjoy the smell of tar in the morning.

My uncle worked with us and he delivered the Apocalypse Now when we started the project. “I love the hot scents of tar in the morning,” she said with a big grin. This, of course, is correct. No one loves tar.

It’s dangerous, number one. But it’s also hot, sticky and the smell that gets into the nose and remains.

But what do you do from here to what you do, sometimes hard work and annoying. How to pen


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