Blockchain is an old technology. Blockchain has introduced the world in the last decade and has become known in recent years. The Blockchain technology will be based on finance, real estate, justice and other industries. So, what is the blockchain and how will the industry change?

A blockchain is a list of many recordings, called blocks, which are then linked with cryptography to other blocks that form chains. Each block contains a cryptographic block hash before time and transaction data (usually represented as a Merkle tree).According to the design, blockchain is resistant to data modification.

changed and dirty with all the chains.

So that this technology is easy and fun. This can help solve many problems and industries that confront the problems of trust and hackersHere is a list of industries that are interrupted with blockchain technology.

financial industry

The use of blockchain is more important to help the transactions of digital transactions. The block chain based on Bitcoin’s digital currency can help transfer bitcoin from anywhere to less than 1 hour.

Bitcoin creates a revolution in the financial industry when they can easily without the use of a third-party organization. Bitcoin has been decentralized and all transactions occur without the use of a centralized organization.

In addition, bitcoin solves one of the biggest problems of today at this moment, in a transparent way, all the transaction records in the great Bitcoin books are common.

The future of online transactions and the transfer of bitcoin or blockchain. Many online money transfer companies like MoneyGram, Western unions or public banks use the same.

 Game industry

There are several ways in which blockchain is used for the video game industry. Superior and superior is used as a payment mechanism and a gateway for the game, Bitcoin transactional technology can be used to create and manage currency accounts in the game.

When a player wins a variety of stages, stages, levels and competitions, he will obtain coins, gems and other collectible items that have a level value in any game, and blockchain can be used to manage this function of the backbone network.

 Social justice

Companies and institutions can use blockchain technology to securely register and verify inventory, monitor resources and transfer assets. In this way, technology can open the way to the economy together.

Inequality, income disparities and consistent income problems are serious in modern capitalist societies around the world, and new technology threatens to escalate the problem.

Blockchain is a source that can boost the economy as a whole and can accelerate the process of providing full integration of economic prosperity, instead of contributing to conditions that increase inequality and conflict.

 social network

Social networks are now the user’s information base, and like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, they reach aggregate information to provide better marketing customers for ads and campaigns.

A blockchain approach to the social network of this direction by creating a decentralized approach to connectivity. By eliminating the central server, no entity can implement monitoring and control as created as the first transfer in social networks based on blockchain.

Blockchain completes the security problems, the decentralized properties of blockchain, guarantees privacy and security through compatible consensus mechanisms.

In addition to messages, peer-to-peer commerce is another area examined by social networks. Blockchain can help you create a transaction network and facilitate these transactions through the network.

Transport industry

Municipalities and local governments can connect sensors to traffic signals, traffic lights, vehicles and other goods to the IOT, which allows the diversion of traffic to achieve maximum efficiency. Scientists hope to use blockchain in this way can reduce compression time, traffic congestion and emissions of vehicles.

The Blockchain technology also offers a possible comfort, such as parking of vehicles and the collection and payment of locations; payment of traffic fines; and accident monitoring and maintenance services.


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