It’s the best time of the year for retailers, more now than ever. Cyber ​​Monday officially took the reins as the most popular purchases of the day in the United States. First, the super exposure, in 2017, eliminates Black Friday up to $ 1.6 billion, then, in this year, 2018, Cyber’s sales exceed 20 percent, approaching almost $ 8 billion in historical brands.

However, when it comes to statistics, the change is even better for retailers than the sales of Cyber ​​Monday, but at the same time, Black Friday is a five-day event. Thanksgiving sales increased by 30 percent, and online sales of Black Friday also increased by more than 20 percent, more than a year, at the end of the year.

Everything that is said at that time, if you are in an e-commerce game, now there is more to visit, especially in this holiday period, than ever before. However, with all the voice and all the players in the field, how much, as an online store, does your marketing outside the horde of your competitor? This season is simple: added reality (AR).

 how augmented reality will transform electronic commerce

When the AR technology is not new (the Morton Heilig sensor was tested in 1956), the incubation period has been determined continuously and the daily progress of our lives gradually, and many now assume that AR is the same way (cars ) in depth everywhere but not quite ready for mass adoption.

Even Tim Cook stated that it dissolved in 2017 that the technology “still did not exist” to manufacture AR quality glasses yet. It does not say that Cook is wrong, but it is a feeling that seeks to change the perception of society.

Gold gold AR

Despite what experts say about the technology and finances of the brand boundaries they face when adding reality, the numbers say that now is the time.

Consumers are ready and ready to go through AR technology, because Apple and Google have included more than 500 million RAs capable of nature. This number has been earned by more than 4 billion by 2020 and generates more than $ 200 billion in AR / VR simultaneously, according to IDC.

What does it mean for business owners and marketers? There is gold in the hills! Mostly, the overall AR marketing revenues have been received from $ 430 million in 2018 to more than $ 2.5 billion in 2022, according to eMarketer.

The big brands like Ikea, Sephora and Lowe’s are just some examples of great brands that take advantage of the AR to connect users more closely with their products and increase conversions.

Immerse yourself in the depths.

Recently, the company, Drive Social Media, is in AR with little experience, not doing enough in the same football. We are a social media marketing agency that works with owners of small businesses and franchises to create, search, optimize and track paid social advertising.

The news does not know anything about AR.

We have been successful in working with professional sports organizations in the last month and have focused on the laser to form a partnership with the NHL hockey team. Louis Blues. The Blues draws our attention at some level, but what we really like about the team staff during our talks is the desire to be a modern innovation in the NHL, especially with AR.

When our graphic design is very talented, no one has real experience to design an AR effect. Our partner Josh Sample visited the Facebook Developers Conference 2018 in May, when Facebook announced an AR creation study, later called Spark, to generate AR capabilities for any business on the platform.

We took a road accident in the development of AR, delivering Blues that proposes a Pokhang city reality show and can develop all the projects within three weeks.

It’s not to prove it, it’s a test of how quickly Spark allows even first-time users to build a changing game technology. The results are incredibly solid and have become an AR project (and a new source of income) for our company.

The best thing for your company is a very broad AR for anyone who wants to use the ROI. It’s easy, it can be done through almost everyone who knows: Facebook.

“Pulling” on the effects that worked.

As such, Spark is the creator of AR Facebook. When Google and Apple host their own AR developer studio in 2017, we find that Spark allows us to create, load, start and track all projects in the same place.

Our execution is like hanging a large banner with GPS-AR effects that trigger triggers in several places in the city. So, for us, this can be given to all the hoga


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