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Currently, India’s video surveillance industry grows with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 27.16 percent, or more than four times the growth of India’s GDP in 2017.

After an unprecedented digitalization , grows faster and makes the vertical market the brightest place in the developing economy.Below are some of the factors that improve the surveillance system in India:


Although the monitoring system has long been an integral part of India’s progressive ecosystem, most of the devices maintained (about 68 percent) are surveillance systems based on analog systems.

However, since these devices have very limited functionality, they have been replaced by modern IP-based surveillance systems. IP-based surveillance systems can address multiple case cases, such as the identification of violence, vandalism, theft, fire risk, arbitrary limits and more.

This makes the monitoring system more ‘stupid device’ that monitors specific areas and paves the way for greater adoption of the pan-European industry.

Wide angle view: 180o and 360o cameras can transfer high definition videos with more coverage. When you completely eliminate blind spots and transfer a greater amount of functionality to your company, the sacrifice simultaneously reduces the number of cameras needed to control the scene.

The camera creates a video ball that can be underestimated to create a virtual camera commonly used by security personnel. As there is no blind spot, the offer can also allow the company to retrospectively track events, even when using a recorded video channel.

Learning Machine and Business Intelligence: Analytics videos, when combined with Machine Learning (a subset of Artificial Intelligence), have the ability to provide a deeper understanding of the dynamics of work that is often neglected.

For example, video analysis can identify the level of customer satisfaction by analyzing the client’s facial expressions and using machine learning to create the correct relationship. The system can prove that correlation at the right time.

This system can also analyze if a digital sign can result in purchase behavior and decision making, or if a musical tone is added to the general business environment.

You can also add preload and walk, so you can provide the business with the intuition to prepare quickly. This can increase the overall value that companies can take from individual operating units.

Cloud technology

Emerging cloud computing helps companies enjoy the most advanced IT infrastructure, software and applications on a “pay as you go” basis. It eliminates the implementation of infrastructure, the acquisition of technology and the costs related to maintenance, while providing companies with greater flexibility in terms of expansion and reduction of operations.

This is a more effective approach because it does not require large capital keys in infrastructure payments and is one of the main drivers.

Smart City

Smart Cities Mission has the ambition to launch 100 smart cities in India that will investigate the creation of smarter infrastructure and resources to better assess existing systems.

One of the most basic elements of these upcoming smart cities will be the monitoring system that will be installed in several points of contact. Each smart city will have a video wall that continuously monitors operations in the city and should be done without problems.

Most of these operations, including traffic management and law enforcement, will be fully automated or will see process-based automation, such as warning the PCR as close as possible to prove violence or aggression to avoid climbing These projects and management needs are better to boost the need for a surveillance system in India.

The adoption of current technology has initiated India in a new journey where changes and interruptions occur only in the market. Soon, as digitization increases and includes internal geography, it will only be a catalyst in the history of collective growth in India.

Fortunately, it will generate greater economic losses of its resources, distribution, management and process, a final chapter that will guide the community in a more efficient and digital way, with a cardiac cell surveillance system.


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