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Gladys Ricart’s Killing: Present Location of Augustin Garcia?


Gladys Ricart was getting ready for her dream wedding, all set to drive to the church and marry James Preston Jr. But then something terrible happened. Someone broke into her home and shot her while she gave flowers to her bridesmaids. She didn’t make it to the wedding. The TV show “Primal Instinct: Red Wedding” on Investigation Discovery documents a gruesome homicide and explores the successful efforts of law enforcement authorities in apprehending the individual accountable for the crime. If this particular situation captivates you and you’re eager to discover the current whereabouts of we’ve got you covered, Gladys’ killer.

What Was The Cause Of Gladys Ricart’s Death?

Gladys Ricart, who lived in Ridgefield, New Jersey, was excited about her wedding day. She couldn’t wait to marry James Preston Jr., the love of her life. People who knew Gladys said she was a simple, down-to-earth person who loved life and had big dreams for her future. She was also very kind and enjoyed helping anyone in need. Cherished by her relatives and embraced by her local community, Gladys’ tragic passing remains profoundly challenging to come to terms with.

On the 26th of September in 1999, Gladys Ricart, aged 39 at the time, was preparing to depart for the wedding ceremony at the chapel. She had already slipped into her wedding gown and gave her bridesmaids flower bouquets. Spectators observed that the future bride radiated joy on that occasion, eagerly anticipating her stroll down the aisle to commit the entirety of her life to her cherished partner. The atmosphere at the house exuded a sense of festivity, and the family members remained utterly unaware of the impending malevolence that would soon enter through the entrance.

Amidst the festivities, a gentleman in his late forties, dressed in formal attire, made his way to the entrance and stated his intention to offer his heartfelt congratulations to Gladys. Without much consideration, the family members allowed him to enter. And he encountered the soon-to-be bride within the confines of the living room. Before Gladys could even identify the unfamiliar man, he swiftly reached into the briefcase he was holding, extracted a .38 caliber revolver, and fired three shots at the bride in full view of her family members.

Who Is Responsible For Gladys Ricart’s Murder?

As Gladys fell to the earth, incapacitated by three gunshot wounds, the bystanders promptly alerted the authorities to the unfolding crime scene. Initial responders swiftly arrived at the Ricart household, yet the victim had already moved beyond their reach.

Someone found her with a puddle of her blood on the living room floor. A post-mortem examination determined that gunshot injuries caused her death.

Interestingly, the authorities immediately apprehended Augustin Garcia, the assailant, at the scene. According to the program, Garcia had previously been in a relationship with Gladys. But they ended things several months before the homicide. This breakup occurred after Gladys discovered that her former boyfriend was unfaithful. Nevertheless, Garcia struggled to cope with the separation and seethed with fury as his former partner quickly remarried. Consumed by envy, Garcia obtained a firearm and made the dreadful choice to disrupt Gladys’ significant event. However, despite numerous individuals who saw Garcia at the crime scene and the fact that the weapon used in the murder was in their possession. Law enforcement managed to apprehend and accuse Augustin Garcia of the murder.

What Is Augustin Garcia’s Current Location?

After appearing in court, Augustin Garcia entered a plea of innocence and argued that the surprising nature of Gladys’ wedding ceremony temporarily drove him to a state of madness. However, the jury unanimously disagreed and found Garcia guilty of first-degree murder. Consequently, in 2002, he received a life imprisonment verdict and a prerequisite of serving at least 30 years before becoming eligible for parole. Following his sentencing, Garcia has repeatedly attempted to have his conviction reversed, yet his efforts have yielded no success.

He remains confined within the East Jersey State Prison in Woodbridge, New Jersey, with the possibility of parole becoming available in 2029.

Final Remarks

Gladys Ricart tragically lost her life at the hands of her former partner, Augustin Gladys, on her wedding day. He fired three shots at her while she handed flowers to her friends in her living area.

Nevertheless, the claim regarding the existence of a video depicting Gladys Ricart’s death is unfounded. No one has discovered any visual evidence of her demise.

Gladys Ricart’s Killing FAQs:


With Which Weapon Did Augustin Garcia Fatally Injure Gladys Ricart?


He employed a .38-caliber handgun to commit the act of violence against Gladys Ricart.


Why Did Augustin Garcia Kill Gladys Ricart?


The motive behind her killing remains undisclosed.


Whether She Was Taken To The Hospital Or Not?


She passed away before being transported to the hospital.


Is The Video Of Her Death Available On The Internet?


No videos depicting her demise are accessible on the internet.


Was The Verdict Of Life Imprisonment Announced By The Jury In The Case Involving Augustin Garcia?


The date remains undiscovered as of now.


For How Long Has Augustin Garcia Been Given A Jail Sentence?


He received a severe sentence of life imprisonment, which extends with unwavering determination until 2029.

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