Tips to Navigate Whiteboard Animation Production



In whiteboard animation, the artist draws on a whiteboard as the camera records the action. Whiteboards and markers were once utilized for this purpose, but digital animation has made the process much more streamlined and less messy. But what makes videos of this type so effective? Messages animated on a whiteboard are more memorable and easier to understand. Your advertising message is a part of this. They have a lot of potential to teach people new things. Therefore, they’re great for conveying complex ideas.

Tips to Navigate Whiteboard Animation Production

Despite popularity among businesses, there are a few things you need to know before you start scribbling on whiteboards to ensure maximum educational benefit. Please read the following advice and keep it handy. It will add a tremendous impact to your video.

1. Always have a plan before you begin.

Creating an animated work begins with writing a script. The script serves as the basis for the video and facilitates the creation of the storyboard, artwork, and animation that follow.

The Whiteboard animation company lays down the content in your script logically, with a clear beginning, the main body, and the end. Assigning the narrative’s three fundamental sections to answer “what,” “how,” and “why” is a safe bet.

2.  A Storyboard Must Be Created.

The storyboard should be made when the script is completed. A Whiteboard animation company employs voice actors, and background artists. It’s a good idea to draw together a storyboard depicting all the key moments from your video. Screens might be designed and matched to specific narrative sections, or the script can be a rough copy of the drawings. Discuss your options with your animation team, but remember that a storyboard is always necessary.

3. Characteristics Of A Whiteboard Video To Keep In Mind

The whiteboard, the continuous drawing, and the drawing hand all work together to produce the enchantment of whiteboard animation videos. Don’t try to change the whiteboard’s background; the white space is crucial for making your point. If you need to change the setting, an animated cartoon explanation film is the way to go! Connected drawings make it easier for viewers to follow the story and add credence to the illusion that the creator is scribbling on a whiteboard. Your narrative will have more flow and cohesion as a result. A drawing hand is a necessary component of any whiteboard animation. Everything clicks into place after that. You can only call your video a whiteboard animation if a drawing hand is in it.


4. Incorporate Factors That Raise Brand Recognition

Does it have to be strictly traditional in form and content for your whiteboard animation to be considered “whiteboard”? Of course not! Some standards of aesthetics must be followed, but you should also feel free to express yourself. Put some color into it, especially if the playful touches are meant to increase recognition of your company.

5. Create a sense of belonging for your business within your audience.

Animated promotional videos can benefit greatly by involving the viewer in the story. Whiteboard animation videos can benefit greatly from this added level of customization.

Using buyer personas as inspiration, 3D animation services providers can design relatable characters to help your viewers see themselves in your video. A video’s effectiveness can be increased by using characters that are visual representations of the target demographic.


Wrapping Up

When you need to inform your audience in a fun and engaging way, whiteboard animation is a terrific tool to employ. No matter how difficult an idea may be to explain, these videos can help. Visual appeal is achieved through unique images and the force of storytelling.

They use animated characters designed to reflect your ideal customers to bring the plot together and give the movie a more personal feel. Whiteboard animation video production can now officially begin. Doodling time! Break out the markers.