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4 Artificial Intelligence you need to watch first

4 Artificial Intelligence you need to watch first

Consumers are aware of an idea of ​​artificial intelligence (AI) that marries marriages: What happens if a robot takes over the world? Who told me? Who is listening to my password conversation? But now consumers have begun to adopt new technologies in personal and business life.

It also makes companies interested in technology, which is why the company has exceeded AI’s investment investment since 2013, according to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company.

In fact, AI has the potential to correctly transform the way companies do business; and due to technological developments, another company, in 2019, will be able to access and implement a renewed life technology. Currently, companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google point to the road.

Therefore, given the desired future prospects for technology, see the four trends of AI to see in 2019.

Another AI assistant continues

Consumers have the advantage of having an artificial intelligence assistant in their homes for some time with the introduction of Apple Series, Alexa Amazon and other devices. You can have an AI dog play songs, give you the weather, find information online, turn off the lighting in the house and more.

Consumers have overcome the new artificial intelligence technology. In fact, in the Adobe Analytics study, 71 percent of the owners have a smart advertisement of their use at least one day, while 44 percent declared their daily number of days. Then, in 2019, we hope to look for more artificial intelligence assistants at home, at work and in other areas of your life.

At present, what consumers consume for AI assistants is quite basic, such as searching and playing a particular song. But expect to see big changes in the tasks that the AI ​​assistant can do in the future. The AI ​​assistant will be able to provide a more individual experience than the best to identify the different voices of the users.

Instead of just talking about your artificial intelligence or your mobile device, I tell you that you can talk with cars, televisions, refrigerators and even lights.

The device recruited AI.

According to the Even surveys, 42 percent of the surveyed employers were worried about not finding the required talent. For many companies, the recruitment process is one of the most fun and enjoyable tasks, but with advances in artificial intelligence, the AI ​​recruitment tool will become a recruiting style to watch in 2019.

For example, Mya, which means “My recruiting assistant,” is a chatbot recruitment assistant. You can communicate with prospective via Skype, email or text. You can choose a candidate for you and even reject a candidate if you choose to send the application.

Along with the evaluation of the AI ​​and the candidate communication system, some of the emerging intelligence tools that will help employers save more time and find candidates they need next year.

Enhanced search for AI

Because users will soon start using AI assistants in new and more frequent ways, advanced programming based on AI will be larger. With the introduction of voice search, the way consumers search online has changed.

Instead of writing search queries like “Dallas condo for sale,” consumers will be able to say search queries using more phrases, such as “What is the condition that Dallas can sell for $ 150,000?”In other words, the user who answers the question will be more advanced.

Continuing with the example of the condominium, the AI ​​search engine will do more than just provide the user with a list number; They also receive other conversational responses. Search engines can hide questions by providing more detailed solutions when asking, for example:

The user will be able to face the solution and obtain the exact search results available. Since consumers change their appearance, the quality of the desired results will be changed, as well as the release of AI to stay updated.

Chatbots and best virtual chats.

Chatbots has improved customer service for businesses of all kinds in recent years; You can send pizza through Facebook chatbox now. In 2019, why are chatbots getting more advanced and human than ever? With the

4 In-Demand Skills you will learn about on online

4 In-Demand Skills you will learn about on online

High enrollment rates and many more online resources to learn the issues of computerization in the block have created new opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs. Understanding new skills and improving the evolving environment is essential to maintaining a significant career in the current workforce.

Many college graduates do not work in the field, and they even work in an area that begins outside the university or that teaches how to find it. Look for anything to make the transition to another field or just want to learn new skills as a hobby, the ability to make it as comfortable or as powerful as it is today.

The benefits of online education resources are increasing.

In the emergence of online education resources is a growing freelancing exploitation. A 2017 study by Upwork says that it is predicted that freelancers will be the majority of the workforce in the decade.

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs get their own skills, learn new skills on the fly from having to develop professional talents or carefully study the topics through online or reading classes.

The development of the Internet in a modern way has led the way towards extensive, practical and affordable educational materials for users of all levels of experience.

Online resources to improve the professional skills of a free university course for educational platforms that connect students and paid professionals.

Some also offer informative games, flashy tutorial videos and an open source framework to improve content.Here are four areas in which you develop skills and learn more online.

 Coding and software development.

I taught the basics of computer programming in prison cells by reading books and using a second-hand pencil, without access to the Internet.

I know that computer science can intimidate people who are not familiar with the subject, as it is often thought to have a very high resistance to entry and a strong prerequisite skill in mathematics.

Fortunately, there are many educational materials available to users at all levels of experiential learning about computer work and programmatic forms.

These resources are not only relegated to online-based platforms. MIT OpenCourseWare offers undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science, including other subjects, online for free.

Platforms such as KhanAcademy, Coursera and Udemy offer their own courses on software development, information technology and related topics. The material can be intimidating at first, but the class is comprehensive and targeted to all talents with video tutorials, problems, projects, and educator connections.


Learning a new language becomes more challenging when you are older, but the amount of content and material available to learn new languages ​​is now probably the best representation of the online education process.

Foundations like Rosetta Stone were founded among the people, but there were also many other services.

Polyglot Internet offers courses in 21 different languages, Live Lingua is a full-featured, full-featured course platform, such as Duolingo and Busuu has shot to the top of the application download scale.

The ability to speak several languages ​​is not only useful if you live in a foreign country or if you travel, but as a net summary that can even increase your salary.

Health and medicine.

As with computer science, health and medicine are seen through the prism as a very high barrier. However, your assumption may be successful in the medical industry only with a PhD.

Online platforms such as Khan Academy and Coursera offer a deeper knowledge of life, sports and anatomy. Even if they do not provide the material that is essential to becoming a doctor, they can help you make a career in the field or give you new content to unify your knowledge.

The online prevalence of online education, including medicines, healthcare and public health management, also increases.

Once the area is studying access challenges currently available through platforms such as the Media Class, which is the added source of the highest online universities in many fields. The topics available in health and medicine include clinical and research statistics, nutrition and epidemiology.


Next Gen Tech like Automation will change the industry

Next Gen Tech like Automation will change the industry

Do you think about significant changes in the IT industry? Well, that’s really automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. People fear

Will RPA change people? The truth is that man has a role that can be done in business, operations, decision making, especially when creating, collaborating and interacting with work.

Automation, in particular, saves significant time in a monotonous project, displaced to a virtual workforce, to focus on the added work, only Man can.

Need for labor

Today, we need to find talented and future workers who need to find a better way to find the right candidate. The recruitment team is constantly stressed to send candidates directly from the group of large profiles available.

To find quality standards, you must follow the process manually. The most critical part is to identify the processes that must be automated and where the cost of the savings can be achieved. However, automation and robotics require experience in the implementation of these technologies.

Growth trends

The trends are finding that skilled manufacturing workers look like the next decade. The industry must also add new qualified employees. This style will undoubtedly undermine the soil to allow it and find the true potential of the market.

Several roles will be extinguished, since automatic adoption intensifies in several industrial sectors. Let’s be an example that can even be associated with the general public.

When we see in the banking sector, there are ATMs in high level banks that are also inactive for ATMs and now Kiosk, Internet banking, mobile banking for several banking transactions. others have completed the role and have given birth to new roles that demand skills that robots or automation can not duplicate.

Other cases will be sectors that require a lot of labor, such as manufacturing, textiles, agriculture, which have also been affected by automation and robotic technology. There is a change in income anticipated by the industrialization of the population due to automation. There are intelligent analytics to measure performance and performance.

The companies with previous personnel consider that the income, the profitability and the supply of quality are an important priority step to be able to see with the help of automation.

In the process of measuring the above steps, there are other affiliates, as well as improving customer relationships, business development, time savings, candidate improvement and experience.

Develop the gap through skill development

There is uncertainty in the automation mentality of the company. People are worried about their profits. The old-fashioned system can not produce results and a successful team due to market demands that constantly change and demand quality services.

This may be due to a lack of knowledge about the area of ​​automation and amortization. Change your skills and tasks, get a new job title. There is a need for new technical courses and training. This course and training will act as a bridge between the desired gap and the source of talent. The interest is also a nuisance for the amount of the wage bill that has expired.

Increasing focus

There is a solution provider that can capture the perception of artificial intelligence, but we need to know and recognize the areas where Intelligence and Artificial Automation have the right impact. It is very important to build the right balance between human dependence and process automation.

With the right balance, professionals will automatically end up instead of taking on a threat. There are more than 75 percent of corporate companies looking to use automation. Automation will create some new projects and create new ones on the fly.

This change in automation gets daily speed and those who get the grip in the right place will continue to move forward instead of being a high value for customers.

Working with equipment and machines will be the best combination to produce the technological results of today, producing innovation in the recruitment cycle.

Data approaches compatible with the payment of salaries can be a win-win way for employees to have an aspect of quality and quantity in the industry. More than 80% of acceptance automation can increase productivity and performance by using technology to save time and money.

New Technological Excellence

In general, when it was said that automation exists to grow in the industry, paradigm changes are introduced to obtain better results.

SMEs: Small in Business secure the way

SMEs: Small in Business secure the way

Cybersecurity is not just a keyword, it becomes a reality for small and medium enterprises (UKM). When cyber attacks are a threat to businesses, the first port is to maintain the cyber defense system of large and well-known companies.

But now threats have infiltrated players, as the importance of the economic value chain increases and becomes part of the digital economy.

While many SMEs, especially large ones, have regular digital risk factors, many of the more defined UKMs have to do some.

One of the most important challenges for many SMEs is the recognition that IT departments and systems need to grow more than hardware repairs.

Given budgetary constraints, this is understandable, but if you want to be part of a larger supply chain or hire a supplier, the organization is responsible for the moral and economic responsibility of securing the business so far the cyber defense.

Hackers can study the theory that SMEs do not seriously calculate the delivery of cybersecurity and the techniques used in the year in large corporations can now be small. More often than not, this theory is good.

When devices such as antivirus or basic firewalls can provide security titles, SMEs need to manage security controls and improve them on a regular basis.

For example, what was used for SMEs years ago may not be the minimum size growth requirement. In fact, many large companies now claim cyber defenses and data security standards from suppliers, a large part of these providers in SMEs. This will increase the low pressure of the sector.

As the digital landscape

for SMEs is changing, so is a poor cyber field. Fake news links are designed for malware to be installed on the user’s device and collect data and other important information.

The flexible economic properties of these SMEs, where people can work in homes or cafes, also create new security risks, and many employees opt for a personal laptop or smart phone that does not provide high-quality data encryption. for commercial transactions.

The company must also begin to indicate that employees report all devices used to access work-related information and ensure that the device is also secure.

Internal attacks are still one of the most important threats of cybersecurity, but ignorance and awareness among staff, as well as an area of ​​social security unlikely for SMEs.

While some organizations and staff are currently doubling money, authentication of security code, etc., many of the work that must be done mainly in the updating of security protocols and reports real and real hacking.

Determine if the staff knows what data encryption and secure transactions mean, it requires an organizational culture around cybersecurity.

Charming access 

processes and products is another area of ​​concern for SMEs. Because many of these organizations can be used on a family scale or in small amounts, limited access is not a protocol.

However, it creates a vulnerability for zero attacks and more. It should be noted until the business or product has been lost or has been investigated. However, with the penetration of AI and machine learning, predictive cybersecurity is now an option, and the UKM needs to move from the response to preventing the mentality of cyber attacks.

Investing in cybersecurity also marks a change in attitude to recognize that when the competition is still there

all companies are still connected.

As such, most cyber attacks are not reported or have not been reported in India because companies are concerned that the attacks will keep pace with competitors and push customers against the enemy. However, competitors are equally vulnerable, and one of the ways to obtain competition is to take a cybernetic defense and establish a special plan.

Cyber ​​insurance is a growing sector to improve the security of companies and is a safe step to build a cyber defense.

For SMEs, attacks by ransomware can mean the end of business. However, when many SMEs develop businesses beyond India, the data rules used as Data Protection Regulations of the European Union make it logical for Indian SMEs to maintain cyber attacks for the future.

Secure Your Data eith the help of blockchain


The global blockchain technology market is estimated at around 20,000 crore at the end of 2024, according to Transparency Market Research.

Hype blockchain has reached unprecedented levels in the world and facilitates the elimination of possible benefits and weak points. Appearing as one of the most disruptive technologies in the industry, Blockchain certainly has the potential to reduce costs, increase transparency, improve security and improve efficiency, among others.

The main benefit of using blockchain as technology is the improvement of the data security provided. The data is far from the most important asset in the world today. Some of the major conglomerates, such as Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and others, are data-centric companies.

Keep data as the most important priority for companies around the world. This is where Blockchain can be used as a powerful alternative to cloud-based companies and servers.Let’s see how it affects blockchain when it comes to data security:

Decentralized method of obtaining data.

Since the blockchain is a decentralized technology in nature, it does not depend on a central point of control. This is a digital transaction book with each computer that has a complete copy of the data.

Lack of an authorization to make the system more equitable and safe.way that can not be done.

As blockchain is an addition to information, it is very important for information that is stored accurately and accurately. Since the data is stored on several computers, it is very safe, even if one or two computers can malfunction.

Encryption and Validation

The Blockchain platform guarantees that your data is encrypted, which means that changes in the data are a difficult task.

You can also save cryptographic alerts for documents or files in Blockchain. This will give users a way to ensure that the file is not effective, without the need to keep all the files in Blockchain.

Due to the decentralized nature, you can always pass the checkmark of the files in the eight books on all the nodes of the network and verify that they have not been changed.

By viewing the file, you can make sure that the version is similar to another time. If the person does not change the recording, the sign is not valid. No one can argue that blockchain offers verification, verification of reliable data.

Angel to hack

It is a name that causes blockchain as a digital “block” string that contains transaction logs. Because there is no central location, block chains have no point of failure and can not be replaced from a single computer.

It is decentralized and distributed evenly between peer to peer networks that are constantly updated and kept in sync.

Each block is connected to all previous and following blocks. When hackers can find traditional networks and find all the data in a repository and exfiltrate or corrupt, blockchain makes this unreliable.

Like technology, which has a lot of popularity around the world, blockchain seems to be a good platform for storing business data. It is safe, reliable and transparent, which makes it even better for the company.