How to Give Your Car Some TLC


It doesn’t matter whether you are using a car for your personal use or work; you are responsible for keeping it in good condition. You might as well be a car enthusiast who likes to spend their money and effort into improving the feel and touch of their car. 

Whatever the situation is – here are some tips that can help with giving your car some TLC. 

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Assess the Car Daily

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to assess your car every day. This way, you will ensure that your car is well-maintained and in the perfect condition to drive. The underlying reason why you need to perform a daily assessment is that it takes less time and effort as compared to a weekly assessment.

So, it won’t take you more than five minutes for the following daily car inspections:

  • Check the battery
  • Check the dashboard 
  • Inspect the car brakes
  • Check the car steering
  • Check the lights and indicators of the car
  • Inspect the functionality of the horn
  • Make sure the warning lights are working
  • Check the wipers
  • Make sure all car doors lock properly
  • Check the exhaust
  • Check the car’s fuel and oil

Clean the Car Regularly

As a car owner, you will want to keep the car’s interior and exterior clean. Keeping your car in the best condition requires regularity. By getting into the habit of regularly cleaning the car, it will stay in the best condition. Ideally, you will want to clean the car’s interior every day – that is if you have kids eating inside the car or living inside the car.

While cleaning, you will want to pay attention to the windows of the car and look out for cracks because the tiniest cracks can lead to serious accidents. So, suppose you detect any cracks that are not obstructing the vision. In that case, you will still want to opt for auto glass repair, as a crack in the glass – no matter how small or big can cause the entire glass to shatter, which can also lead to an accident apart from injuries and other damages. 

Also, if you don’t regularly clean the windows of your car, the dirt and dust will keep gathering, which will reduce your visibility.

Ensure Tire Quality 

By looking after the quality and functionality of the tires, you will be ensuring tire safety, which is essential for keeping your car functioning at the optimal level and well-maintained. While inspecting your car every day, you will want to look out for bulges, cuts, and other potential signs of wear and tear. 

During the assessment, if you notice any signs of damage, you will want to change or fix the tires before taking the car for a drive on the road. You will also want to ensure that the tire pressure is all right. If you use your car regularly, you will want to check the tire pressure once a week. On the other hand, if you use your car rarely, you will want to check the tire pressure once a month.