Naomi Ross Is Adin Ross’ Sister


Adin Ross has become one of the most celebrated Twitch streamers, while Naomi Ross has also seen considerable online fame through streaming NBA 2K and being involved in some minor controversies.

Both siblings have amassed large followings across Instagram and YouTube, sharing content frequently while being active members of Discord servers. Recently, Naomi was targeted with an offensive photo by one such user.

Naomi Ross is a social media influencer

Naomi Ross is a social media influencer, Twitch streamer, Instagrammer, and TikTok creator who has become well-known through the success of her brother Tee Grizzley. With huge followings on both platforms – especially Instagram and TikTok – and collaborations with rappers such as Tee Grizzley; Naomi also recently started an OnlyFans account that offers exclusive content at $15/month for only fans to access.

At first, Naomi seemed to avoid controversy until 2021, when she joined her brother at Wizza House – a content creation house filled with streamers and influencers – where she flirted with another streamer named Zias which caused him to go live on Instagram with disapproval over what turned out to be an intentional prank between Naomi and Zias designed to rattle their brother’s nerves and express disapproval of what seemed an intimate moment with Naomi & Zias, although later cleared of allegations by both parties as soon as prank by them both sides were revealed as deliberate pranks pranking their brother’s nerves so he went live to Instagram where he voiced his disapproval on Instagram while at Wizza House where her brother joined many streamers and influencers in 2021 where they met up again with him, where they joined upstreamers and influencers all gathering to create content creation house filled with streamers and influencers, streamers, streamers, influencers etc… she joined upstreamers to restore her reputation by now working hard at rebuilding it!

She is a Twitch streamer

Adin Ross has amassed an extensive online following, while Naomi Ross is making waves online as well. She’s known as a social media influencer, Instagram model and Twitch streamer; particularly well-known for hosting NBA 2K streams that often generate controversy.

Adin Ross sister is relatively new to streaming but has already built up an impressive following across various social media platforms. She can be found growing her following on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with reaction videos. In addition to maintaining active social media accounts, Naomi recently established an OnlyFans account where she offers premium adult content at $15,000/month to subscribers.

Naomi remains private about her personal life; however, rumors persist that she and popular Kick streamer Zias may be dating.

She has a private TikTok account

Many are familiar with Adin Ross, but far fewer know his sister Naomi Ross – an American Instagram model and content creator with over 166,000 followers on the platform. Naomi is known as an influencer and fashion model renowned for her modelling shots on Instagram.

Though she occasionally streams on Twitch, she doesn’t stream as often. Instead, she maintains a private TikTok account with over 156k followers and recently created an OnlyFans page which her brother doesn’t care to hear about during his streams.

Early this year, she had to apologize for an image leaked online that depicted her naked and standing next to a man with black skin. Eventually, the model who had posed in the photo came forward and confirmed her identity as she appeared in it – thus ending any drama and leading directly to an apology from said model to Naomi for any negative experiences caused by the leaked image.

She has an OnlyFans account

Naomi Ross has established herself as a social media influencer despite having less of an audience than her brother, Aaron Ross. She maintains an extensive presence on Instagram as well as streaming video games on Twitch and creating reaction vlogs, plus has joined OnlyFans space offering exclusive content.

Adin and Naomi are close, often working on videos together. One such collaboration was with Tee Grizzley’s live stream that went viral, as well as playful banter between them such as this incident with Zias.

Naomi first gained notoriety when she became involved with ZIAS on TikTok. Fans believed their romantic clips to be evidence that ZIAS and Naomi had begun an intimate romance; however, later revealed the rumors were all an elaborate hoax.