Angara-A5 space rocket

Russia successfully launches Angara-A5 space rocket


Russia successfully launched the Angara-A5 space rocket from the Vostochny Cosmodrome on Thursday, according to a live broadcast of Russia’s state space corporation Roscosmos.

This marks the first time that this type of rocket blasted off from the Russian spaceport in the Amur region of the Far East.

The space rocket launch was canceled twice previously on Wednesday and Tuesday due to a failure of the engine launch control system, and an issue with the pressurizing system of the rocket’s oxidizer tank, respectively.

The Angara is a family of Russian carrier rockets ranging from light to heavy classes. They utilize kerosene and liquid oxygen as fuel, which are environmentally friendly components.

The Angara family of rockets is intended to deploy satellites to low Earth orbit, such as the Spectr-UV orbital observatory, several modules of the prospective Russian Orbital Station, and the new generation piloted transport ship PTK NP, which will deliver crews to the station.